Keeping Pets Healthy From Nose To Tail ™

Keeping Pets Healthy From Nose To Tail ™

Ethically sourced food and herbs • Delivered To Your Door

Ethically sourced food and herbs • Delivered To Your Door

Wholesale Pricing, Bulk Discounting, and Retail & Distribution Options also available.

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Complete Raw Meals

Prey Model Raw

DIY Parts

Restorative Diets

Gently Cooked &
Freeze Dried

Raw Milk


Herbal Apothecary 

Raw Bones

Treats, Chews, Meal Toppers

For The Human’s


We’re not just a pet store, we help, guide, and support you at all times!

grass fed pasture raised



hormone and antibiotic free


Ethically Sourced


organically grown herbs and whole foods


Your pets health is our number one priority!

Here’s The TOP 10 Reasons to feed RAW!

Here’s The TOP 10 Reasons to feed RAW!

Best Quality Available
We say no to preservatives, no antibiotics, no hormones, non-GMO,  Human Grade, Grass-Fed & Organic when possible!

Vet Approved
Rawpets Nutrition standards exceed industry standards for pets (AAFCO)! Yes, we’re VET approved!

No More Skin Irritation
Helps eliminate skin and environmental allergies!

Increased Energy
Watch as your pet changes from a lounger to an active lifestyle after eating a RAW diet!

Improved Health
Shiny, healthy coats, healthier pearly whites, and decreased vet bills!

Rawpets - Raw Pet Food - Humanley Raised Meats

Boosted Immune System
Feeding your pets a RAW food diet will help boost their immune system!

Extended Quality of Life
Feeding the best quality raw diet to your pet will catapult their quality of life and extend it.

Relief From Stomach Issues
Reduce your pets bloating from constant digestive issues, and condition lean muscle mass!

All Natural
Fresh, Healthy, All Natural Meals will absolutely give your pet the best life possible!

Helps With Inflammation
Feeding RAW can help reduce inflammation in older pets, and increases mobility. It can also help battle tumors.


Pet Allergies Relief - Rawpets

Products to help your pets with allergy symptoms and relief.

Calming Supplements

Calming Supplements - Rawpets

Supplements to help your pets with anxiety and stress.

Joint Pain & Inflammation

Calming Supplements - Rawpets

Supplements and Salves to help with your pets joint pain and inflammation.

Respiratory Illness

Pet respiratory health Supplements - Rawpets

Pet food gelatins, mushrooms, Pet CBD and more to help with your pets respiratory health.

Experience the difference a natural raw diet can have on your pets health!

Experience the difference a natural raw diet can have on your pets health!

“Like you, we love our pets and care about their health. That’s why we created Raw Pets – a one stop holistic pet food distributor with products that deliver the best optimal nutritional benefits for pets all driven by love.”

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Rawpets and Judy Morgan

Live interview with Dr Judy Morgan

Owner Sonja Tutwiler talks raw with Dr. Judy Morgan

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