Keeping Pets Healthy From Nose To Tail!

All Natural • Premium Quality • Holistic Whole Foods • Delivered

human grade pet food 1 - rawpets tampa

Keeping Pets Healthy From Nose To Tail!

All Natural • Premium Quality • Holistic Whole Foods • Delivered

human grade pet food 1 - rawpets tampa

Experience the difference a natural raw diet can have on your pets health!

“Like you, we love our pets and care about their health. That’s why we created Raw Pets – a one stop holistic pet food distributor with products that deliver the best optimal nutritional benefits for pets all driven by love.”

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Why We Started RawPets!

Hello, my name is Sonja and I am from the Tampa Bay area. I am a proud dog mom of three German Shorthaired Pointers. As a young child I have always had such a passion for food, which later led me to become a personal chef. I cooked organic personalized meals to meet individuals specific dietary needs and delivered them personally. It has been such a rewarding feeling to have customers tell me how my cooking has improved their health and goals, and how much they enjoy my cooking. From my experience I will be the first one to say, quality is everything. Food is our medicine.

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We’re not just a pet store, we help, guide, and support you at all times!

human grade pet food - tampa rawpets
grass fed & organic pet food - tampa rawpets
non GMO pet food - tampa rawpets
no antibiotic pet food - tampa rawpets

Your pet’s health is our number one priority!

Human Grade Food

Human-grade meat and veggies in simple recipes, made for pets!

All Natural

Fresh, Healthy, All Natural Meals for your pets!

Vet Approved

Nutrition that exceeds industry standards for pets (AAFCO)!

human grade pet food - rawpets

RAW Pet Food

Feed your pet the best RAW food with nutritional integrity!


Freeze Dried/Raw Meat/Organic with high nutritional value!


Keep your pet feeling their best with all natural supplements!

What our friends and pet lovers have to say!

Great stories of the success a healthy rawpets diet creates…

“I love Tampa Raw Pets! I have been a long time raw pet feeder and was looking for a more complete and easier way to feed my 5 dogs. I am SO happy that I found Sonja who is the owner. She is so knowledgeable and very easy to work with. My dog’s are very active, beautiful, and living the best life I can possibly give them. I can only give Sonja and Tampa Raw Pets the highest recommendation.”

Kristen Triplett , *****

“I was so happy to find Tampa Raw Pets! My dog was suffering with terrible allergies and I had huge vet bills with no relief. I read about raw diet but did not know where to begin. Sonja, the owner, guided me and held my hand to make the transition to raw way easier then unexpected. She was always checking on us to see how it was going and available when I had a question. My dogs issues have improved nearly 100% His quality of life has completely turned around. He is no longer on meds and has not been back to the vet. I couldn’t be happier. I highly recommend Tampa Raw Pets. Pet food matters! It’s all about nutrition just like us. I forgot mention the quality of the food, they only carry human grade and organic. Major bonus by me!”

Aaron Brown, *****

Faith was in rough shape when Sonja introduced Raw diet to us. I’m so thankful I listened to her advice and switched Faith over. Faith is getting her coat back and not scratching herself anymore.. she is obsessed with her diet. She goes crazy ? for her cookies and milk at night. It’s been about 5 months now and the changes in my dog are noticeable.. if you are having any doubts about raw diet. Jump on the train and give your fur baby what they deserve.. The best! I haven’t had any issues with Faith since we switched over to Raw.

Whitney Beane, *****

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