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Who We Are…

Raw Pets, formerly started as Tampa Raw Pets is a raw pet food distributor based out of Tampa Bay providing high quality pet food and natural supplements all over the state of Florida. Raw Pets has recently expanded to customers up the eastern coast to New York and across to Texas.

What sets us apart is that we proudly stand behind the brands we represent and carry. Everything we carry is going in our own pet’s bowls. We value how important it is to support you and your pet during your raw journey that we always provide you with the education you need. We have a pet nutrition specialist to help answer your questions and guide you along the way. With all the issues in the pet food industry that question quality and ingredients, it can be quite the battle when choosing brands and what is best for your pet. We want to make it easy for you by saying ALL of our products are:

  • Humanely Raised

  • Human Grade Meats

  • No Hormones

  • No GMO’s

  • No Antibiotics

  • Grass-fed and Organic when possible

We ALWAYS choose products that are humanely raised and are high quality human grade foods. We want your pet to be eating the closest thing to living in the wild.


Our goal and mission at Raw Pets is to provide you with brands that we believe in for who they are and how they make their products. We want the most nutritional, clean, holistic resources available for your pet to sustain a healthy, active life, and avoid health issues.  We believe “Your Best Friend Deserves the Best Meal”

Sonja Tutwiler

Why We Started Raw Pets!

Hello, my name is Sonja and I am from the Tampa Bay area. I am a proud dog mom of three German Shorthaired Pointers. As a young child I have always had such a passion for food, which later led me to become a personal chef. I cooked organic personalized meals to meet individuals specific dietary needs and delivered them personally. It has been such a rewarding feeling to have customers tell me how my cooking has improved their health and goals, and how much they enjoy my cooking. From my experience I will be the first one to say, quality is everything. Food is our medicine.

What We Carry…

Our goal is to provide our fur customers with brands that we believe in for who they are and how they make their products. Natural, Fresh, Whole Foods and Quality is everything to us.


Texas Tripe started producing 100% USA gourmet farm to bowl fresh raw dog food in 2009. Their expertise in producing a high-quality gourmet raw dog food came from many years of operating Detroit Processing.  Detroit Processing is a small family owned and operated meat-processing business founded in 1992.

Texas Tripe sources and produces raw dog food blends using high quality Grass-Fed Beef, USDA Inspected Chicken and Turkey plus other proteins i.e. Wild Boar, Venison, Wild Caught Seafood, Goat, Sheep and other proteins, organs and raw meaty bones.

Texas Tripe offers a full lineup of different proteins, organs, bones that are blended into 80/10/10 prey model meals.

We are Texas Tripe’s Florida and southwest PA’s distributor. For retail options please email us!

omas pride

Oma’s Pride a 4th Generation Family Owned Business inspired by “Oma”their grandmother and her sense of pride.  Oma’s has been in business for nearly 70 years and originally started their business as a turkey farm. In 2001 they evolved into a premium raw pet food company while keeping their roots in human food. Oma’s Pride is one of the Highest Quality Raw Pet Foods in the Industry. Antibiotic and Hormone Free, Non-GMO, some meat is pasture raised some farm raised.  NO to: preservatives, additives, fillers, by-products, grains, corn, soy, sugar, or ingredients you can’t pronounce.

Solutions Pet Products is a united, mission oriented, intentionally focused fresh pet food and supplement collaborative.  Solutions Pet Products use traditional farming and modern science to create simple solutions to complex problems. They produce organic meat and dairy products that are affordable, healthy, and as fresh as possible. Solution’s herbal blends support and restore optimal health. We are Florida’s distributor. Retail businesses please email us for pricing.

Albright's Raw Dog Food

Albright’s has been selling and producing food for people for over 30 years. Their first meat market, Albright’s Meats & Deli, opened in 2004, and the second one in 2014. The Albright’s have always strived to provide excellent quality meat at a reasonable price.

For years, customers have asked about raw meat for their dogs. After doing a lot of research they quickly realized that this was something that they could produce. It would fit in well with their core philosophy- excellent quality, reasonable price. With a lot more research, testing, testing and more testing, and licensing, they developed Albright’s All Natural Raw Dog Food.

All meat ingredients originate in the US with the exception of kelp which is from Canada. All meat ingredients are from USDA facilities that require pathogenic bacteria testing before released.  Each item has to pass and be approved for human consumption. All other food ingredients are approved for human consumption, eggs and kale are organic, verification provided. No supplements are used because the food is balanced through food ingredients.

All Albright’s meals are AAFCO compliant, it also made Susan Thixton‘s 2021 list!!


Green Tripe.Com – is a small, family owned business since September 2000 started by Mary Voss. GreenTripe.com has select only the best quality sources and does all their manufacturing themselves. Their products come from a combination of local (California) GRASSFED and CERTIFIED ORGANIC animals. All of the animals have been inspected and passed by USDA for human consumption. GreenTripe.com is approved by PETA because we do no animal testing. Simply the best of the best!

Founder, Angela Ardolino, knew the profound benefits of using CBD enriched hemp oil to treat her medical issues. But when she looked for safe, vegan, non-GMO, full-spectrum CBD formulated specifically for her dogs, she realized something: There wasn’t any. So she decided to change that. Full Spectrum Hemp Extract (CBD), a wide range of cannabinoids, and terpenes — the compounds in the plant that create therapeutic results. Carefully formulated with all-natural ingredients and full spectrum cannabinoid blends, so there is something here to benefit every pet. In addition, CBD Dog Health guarantees potency and purity through third-party lab testing.

The Dancing Goat is a local farm in the Tampa Bay area ran by Pam Martin Lunn. Pam sells all the various eggs, goat and cow milk, homemade goat cheeses, yogurt, and kefir, as well as handmade artisanal goat milk soaps, shampoo and shaving bars. While Pam and her family provide direction and vision, it is the help from volunteers and donations from the community that have made it possible for the nonprofit business to continue to take in animals in need, as well as provide fresh foods, natural products, and agricultural education to the local community.

The Dancing Goat has been recognized for the hard work and great care they put into everything they do. They serve as Farm Branch for the National Humane Society rescuing both farm animals and domestic felines. They have also appeared on national, regional and local television as experts in sustainable urban farming, and a Tampa Bay gem adding charm and flair to the local community. The Dancing Goat has received many awards for their cheeses and farm over the years.

The Dancing Goat says “Our mission is to provide the most high quality, delicious, and healthy products while showing the individual love and care that each animal deserves.”

We proudly support Pam and her farm 🙂

wholistic pet organics

Wholistic Pet Organics​​​ – another family ran and operated business in the US since 1998. The state that they use the “highest quality, whole food, and certified organic ingredients, regardless of cost.” Their products carry a NASC (National Animal Supplement Council)  Quality Sealand are made in an inspected FDA and audited facility. Wholistic Pet Organics are also members of the NASC and the OTA (Organic Trade Association).

Adored Beast Apothecary is the culmination of decades of experience in the trenches of holistic animal healthcare by Julie Anne Lee, DCH, RCSHom. The formulas have been used at her holistic veterinary clinic for years with amazing results.

Their unique protocols offer simple steps to reach core issues, support healing and aid in preventing re-occurrence. All of their ingredients are active ingredients that are meticulously sourced with absolutely no fillers!

Julie Anne Lee, DCH, RCSHom, empowers you to be a true steward of your beloved animals using the power of nature and common sense as a wellspring of health.

After opening her practice in 1997 and becoming the first licensed strictly holistic veterinary clinic in 2000, Julie Anne now uses that expertise to develop simple, easy- to-follow protocols and products that help put the power back in your hands.

A trail blazer in the advancement of holistic animal care, Julie Anne brings a wealth of experience to all aspects of the Adored Beast Apothecary as a practitioner, teacher, formulator, animal welfare advocate and consultant. She’s expanding the world of animal wellness, reclaiming and scientifically evolving the time-honoured, common-sense practice of nature-based animal healthcare.

Four Leaf Rover

Four Leaf Rover’s mission is “To Make Natural, Earth Friendly Products Affordable”.  All of their products were made with holistic vet-approved formulas for you pets.

Four Leaf Rover promises to keep the planet safe for you and your dog. Pet products can have a significant environmental impact so every ingredient and piece of packaging is chosen for minimal impact.

Every dog deserves healthy products that are free of harmful and synthetic ingredients. And every dog deserves an environment that’s safe and free of toxins.

 That’s why Four Leaf Rover supports organic farmers and uses clean labels and packaging to ensure a healthy tomorrow for all the creatures on the planet.

herb smith

Dr. Bessent is the Herbsmith. She realized early on that the pet industry was satisfied with meeting the bare minimums. She knew animals needed so much more and she was optimistic about the fact that pet parents would wholeheartedly agree. So, she’s been on a mission to reshape those norms.

The Herbsmith knows every dog and cat is different. Not just the shape of their ears or the length of their tails, but their predispositions, metabolisms, personalities– and they know that they can do so much more.

It’s not just about adding ingredients to the bowl either. Putting a splash of bone broth or kefir does not give a dog all that his joints need, or a cat enough probiotics for a balanced gut biome.

To truly have a positive impact on your pet’s health, you need to curate the bowl for your dog and cat.

It’s not a one-size-fits-all world and we’re going to prove it by curating the bowl to redefine what “healthy” looks like for a cat and dog.

The Simple Food Project

The Simple Food Project practices seasonally sustainable sourcing. We prefer to source as locally as possible, but we always make our sourcing decisions based on the quality of ingredients. Every ingredient comes from the US, but we made one exception for our wild-caught krill. We source that from Norway because it promises the absolute highest quality of ingredients in our recipes.

Dr. Bessent has over 30 years of experience in both traditional and holistic medicine. In her practice, Dr. Bessent saw time and time again that the patients who ate well, healed well. This just reaffirmed her belief in the power of whole food nutrition, solidifying the idea that all pets needed access to real, whole food diets.

Every ingredient, each production phase, the exact batch of food that you buy is logged for complete traceability because safety and quality always remain our top priorities.

Since 2015, 4-Legger has been the trusted source for pet parents who care about ingredients and the #1 best selling organic dog shampoo recommended by holistic veterinarians. 4-Legger’s ingredients are sustainably sourced and responsibly harvested to be planet friendly, human friendly, and pet friendly. Clean means everything, from the soil that their plants are grown in to the bottles they are packaged in, are focused on the health and safety of our furry family and our planet.

4-Legger products are free from synthetic chemicals. All ingredients and products are independently reviewed to ensure compliance with the USDA organic standards – the highest standard a product can achieve.

4-Legger wants the words “all natural” and “organic” to mean safe and non-toxic and free of any synthetic or artificial chemicals.

If you have any other questions, please contact us

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