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We are committed to staying at the forefront of the industry by providing our customers with

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Why Raw Pets?

Why Rawpets?

Raw Pets, formerly started as Tampa Raw Pets, is a raw pet food distributor based out of Tampa Bay supplying high quality humanely raised pet food, natural herbs supplement and healing remedies to pet owners, businesses, and veterinarians. Raw Pets offers doorstep delivery in the state of Florida and ship all over the mid US and eastern states.

What sets us apart from other pet food businesses is that we proudly stand behind the brands we represent and carry. With all the issues in the pet food industry that question quality and ingredients, it can be quite the battle when choosing brands and what is best for your pet. We focus on whole food diets for your pets using food sources that practice holistic and pasture-based farming methods. Everything we carry is going in our own pet’s bowls.

We value how important it is to support you and your pet during your raw journey that we always provide you with the education you need. Our owner is a pet food nutritionist who will help answer your questions and guide you along the way. We want to make it easy for you when choosing the best diet for you pet by saying ALL of our products are:

  • Humanly Raised

  • Human Grade Meats

  • No Hormones

  • No GMO’s

  • No Antibiotics

  • Grass-Fed & Finished

We ALWAYS choose QUALITY first. We carry nothing synthetic. We want your pet to be eating the closest thing to living in the wild.


Our Goal and Mission

Our Goal and Mission

Our goal and mission at Raw Pets is to provide you with meat and dairy sourcing that we believe in for who they are and how they make their products. We want the most nutritional, clean, holistic resources available for your pet and family to sustain a healthy, active life, and avoid health issues. We believe “Your Best Friend Deserves the Best Meal”

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Why We Started RawPets!

Hello, my name is Sonja Tutwiler, and I am from the Tampa Bay area. I am a proud dog mom of three German Shorthaired Pointers. As a young child I have always had such a passion for food, which later led me to become a personal chef. I cooked organic personalized meals to meet individuals specific dietary needs and delivered them personally. It has been such a rewarding feeling to have customers tell me how my cooking has improved their health and goals, and how much they enjoy my cooking. From my experience I will be the first one to say, quality is everything. Food is our medicine.

What We Carry

Our goal is and mission is to provide our fur & human customers with brands and farms that we believe in for who they are and how they raise their animals.

Oliver Heritage Farms
Providence Cattle Company
Fort Mccoy Ranch