Albright’s has been selling and producing food for people for over 30 years. Their first meat market, Albright’s Meats & Deli, opened in 2004, and the second one in 2014. The Albright’s have always strived to provide excellent quality meat at a reasonable price.

For years, customers have asked about raw meat for their dogs. After doing a lot of research they quickly realized that this was something that they could produce. It would fit in well with their core philosophy- excellent quality, reasonable price. With a lot more research, testing, testing and more testing, and licensing, they developed Albright’s All Natural Raw Dog Food.

All meat ingredients originate in the US with the exception of kelp which is from Canada. All meat ingredients are from USDA facilities that require pathogenic bacteria testing before released.  Each item has to pass and be approved for human consumption. All other food ingredients are approved for human consumption, eggs and kale are organic, verification provided. No supplements are used because the food is balanced through food ingredients.

All Albright’s meals are AAFCO compliant, it also made Susan Thixton‘s 2021 list!!


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