Ingredients: chicken (bone in, skin on), chicken liver, chicken heart, goat milk whey, whole cultured chicken eggs, chicken gelatin, kale, parsley, fermented okra, fermented cod liver, fermented ginger, sprouted chia seed, salt, wheat germ oil (vitamin e), kelp

*complete diet for dogs

Nutrition Facts

Serving: 1 oz

Calories Per Oz: 70

Protein (min/max) 13.0 %

Fat 13.0 %

Carbohydrates 2.00 %

Fiber 0.50%

Moisture 69.0 %

Solutions for Disease

Optimal 1:1 fat to protein ratio improves metabolic health

High vitamin organ meats, raw goat butter, and whole eggs provide highly bioavailable nutrients in whole food form

Addition of gelatin improves overall protein usability

Whole Food Nutrition

Pastured, GAP rated chicken Organic herbal remedies
No fractionated ingredients
No high pressure pasteurization

Sourced from and made on regenerative farms

Eco Friendly Packaging Low Energy Manufacturing Minimal Plastic