Ingredients: Pork Gelatin, Blueberries

– Improves digestion, nutrient absorption, and mental health

– Aids in joint health, appetite regulation, weight management, allergy management, diabetes management, nutrient utilization, skin and coat health, and other disease conditions.

Gelatin is healing to the digestive tract, connective tissues and organs. Solutions Pet Products gelatin is thick with natural collagen and elastin. Gelatin also improves the absorption and utilization of proteins. Using Solutions sustainably and seasonally sourced gelatin can improve the skin, coat, joint, nail and gut health of your pet.

Solutions Pet Products have added organic blueberries for Vitamin C and to improve absorption of the nutritional constituents in gelatin. Gelatin is highly satiating and can help your pet feel more full.

Gelatin is tasteless, making it an excellent supplement for picky eaters.  Solutions’s Jiggles are also low calorie. You can add them into the diet of overweight or sensitive pets without further contributing to metabolic or digestive disorders.

*Pork is sourced exclusively from regenerative, humane farms. Our pigs live as happy little farm hippos!