Made with premium beef, beef tripe, organs (Liver & Kidney) and bone with a higher fat ratio. Never any hormones or antibiotics. All ingredients are sourced here with the freshest ingredients in the USA from USDA inspected processors.

This blend was formulated with the working dog in mind. High in fat for mental clarity, energy, and performance. This is also a great blend for weight gain for non-working dogs.

Health Benefits of the Ingredients:
Beef: Protein and Vitamin B12, which provides energy and good muscle health

Tripe: has pro-biotics which aid with digestion, cleans and purifies the blood, removes toxins, parasites, and fungus

Beef Organs (Liver, Kidney): Which have just about every nutrient, B vitamins, folic acid, and minerals there is. Which promotes a stronger healthier immune system

Beef Bone: Calcium and Phosphorus, helps promote healthy teeth and gums and strengthens bones

Fat: help promote healthy skin and shinier coat, helps manage metabolism, fights off illness and diseases, and increases brain function