HPP Laboratory Analysis

HPP Laboratory Analysis

Many of our customers may notice that Texas Tripe brand […]

Many of our customers may notice that Texas Tripe brand has been out of stock. As we wait for our next shipment, we want to be fully transparent with our customers of what is going on and why there has been such a delay. Texas Tripe makes their food under the FDA’s guidelines which differ from the USDA.  The FDA is trying to force all pet food manufactures under their guidelines to use a kill step process for bacteria when manufacturing food. Texas Tripe has decided to choose the HPP process for their kill step. Unfortunately Raw Pets does not believe in HPP so this has made it very difficult for us. We do however stand behind Texas Tripe for who they are as a company. They are one of the best companies who we enjoy working with. Texas Tripe has some of the best sourcing when it comes to choosing their meat for our pets that is why we selected them as one of our brands in the first place. All the animals used for their pet food are humanely raised, grass-fed and finished, no hormones, no antibiotics, chickens are fed an organic diet.  We hope that as this process gets going Texas Tripe will choose a different kill step such as phages.

We want to share with you a lab analysis from a pet food manufacturer when HPP was used. Chelsea Kent (if you don’t know her look her up), Pet Nutritionist, Raw Feeding Specialist, founder of Food Regulation Facts Alliance, Writer, Speaker, Researcher, and Educator, Pet Hero, I’m sure we are forgetting a few.

Chelsea explains how this lab report is not testing for amino acids, taurine, vitamins, phthalates, BPA, and several other important factors. When a package of food is HPP’ed it is hit with 87,000 psi of pressure structural cellular changes in proteins will occur.  This will denature the product, affecting the nutritional value of the meat, which overall defeats the purpose of raw. Pets need friendly bacteria in their gastrointestinal tracts to balance the complex community of microbiota known as the gut microbiome. HPP is an equal opportunity destroyer, eliminating both the good and bad bacteria in foods. When referring to green tripe,  HPP really “killing” the purpose. 

At the end of the day Raw is Raw – HPP is a process  – HPP’ed raw is no longer raw.

nonHPP vs HPP laboratory analysis Written by Chelsea Kent

Here is a list of a few companies using HPP:

  • Bravo

  • Primal

  • Northwest Natural’s

  • Stella and Chewy’s

  • Nature’s Variety Instinct

  • Vital Essentials

  • Blue Ridge Beef

  • We Feed Raw

  • Steve’s Real Food

  • Green Juju

  • Texas Tripe