Leaky Gut Syndrome can be at the core of many different conditions, including skin disease, a compromised immune system, food allergies, digestive problems, ear infections, or any common health condition that comes from an inflammatory disorder. The Leaky Gut Protocol addresses the root causes of leaky gut and helps support healing.

 Leaky Gut is an increasingly widespread condition in both animals and humans. While awareness of Leaky Gut is slowly increasing, it has been a slow acceptance in the medical community which is concerning as the gut is responsible for more than 70% of the immune system function! The delicate intestinal mucosa which lines the gut can be likened to cheesecloth, which should act as a barrier. In Leaky Gut, the cloth junctions have been stretched or damaged to the point where they are no longer able to filter out larger food particles, bowel symptoms, bacteria and toxins. These particles then pass through the intestinal wall and make their way into the bloodstream which sets off a series of events in the body which triggers the immune system to fight the invaders. This can be very detrimental, for example, if the invaders are proteins that the animal has eaten and which the body is now building antibodies against. All of this battling leads to chronic inflammation and distress-symptoms which are often labeled as “allergies.”